Personal Trainer Business Development

4. Marketing your personal trainer business : When running your personal trainer business, you must market it properly. Marketing can be a major expense and you should make the most of every penny. Implement the following marketing and sales promotion techniques:

1. Have a small brochure and visiting cards printed. Remember to always highlight your certified logo on all printed material.

2. Mention your full address and telephone number on all printed material and also leave it with all telephonic and personal inquiries.

3. Try to set up a website for yourself. You can start with a free server like if you do not want to invest in independent web space. Set up an official email address for your business.

4. Visit local health clubs and see how they promote their business. Try to spread the message about your business with people you know, right down to the local hair dresser.

5. Promote your business in local newspapers and fitness magazines. You can also run an advertising campaign for your website. Google now has a feature where advertisers can place advertisements to attract customers within a mile or so from their place of business.

6. Ask existing clients, friends and relatives for referrals.

7. While talking to prospective clients, try to put on a professional attitude and dress presentably. Make sure that you have a proper pad and pen ready to explain various features of your program. Keep all the marketing material handy while talking to the client. Give a copy of your brochure to the client at the end of the meeting.

8. If possible place a computer on your table and show the client a few slides related to exercise techniques, or a view of your training program. It will also help to get an accounting software installed in the computer.

You get the test results immediatly and can start your business faster.

Online certifications are as acceptable to employers as offline courses, moreover the certificate does not have the words “online”  mentioned on them.

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