Personal Trainer Job profile

Roles and Responsibilities of a personal trainer

As a personal trainer You will not only be concerned with the supervision of exercises and fitness routines, but you must play a multifaceted role of an advisor, supervisor and evaluator of several activities taking place during your work. This program will cover several of the personal trainer responsibilities in detail later on. Some of the important duties and responsibilities of a personal trainer are mentioned below :

-Planning and leading exercise and activity sessions for clients

-Evaluating client questionnaires and physiological data to determine appropriate
exercise/activity regimens

-Planning individual exercise/activity programs for clients in such areas as cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility training, and/or weight training, ensuring safe and complete client training

-Setting and monitors training equipment. ensuring that equipment is returned in serviceable condition

-Advising participants on program and class policies and procedures, as appropriate.

-Assisting in performing follow-up and communication with participants.

-Tracking client progress and maintaining complete and accurate client files.

-Ensuring client adherence to safety and injury prevention policies and procedures

-Monitoring client performance and helping the client target a fitness goal

-Demonstrating various exercises and helping clients improve exercise technique

-Imparting Knowledge and implementation of the principles of exercise and fitness

-Enforcing safety procedures

-Giving nutrition guidance

-Passing on technical fitness information to non technical people

-Administering basic first aid and CPR incase of emergency

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